April 20, 2008

bloom where you are planted

I think this is the first time in a long time I've given Spring its props. Sure, I love driving through the city and oogling the crabapple tree blossoms and newly budded leaves, but that was pretty much where my extent for Spring-loving stopped.

Here is a little snippet as to why I'm enjoying Spring differently this year:

I have my very own flowers! And tulips, too, no less, with their soft, modest scent and robust color. {Hmm--I might just vote them to be the humblest flower. Daisies are certainly the friendliest, but tulips... very sweet despite their bold hues.}

The previous homeowners who lived in our house lovingly planted so many plants here and there--it has been a treat to see what's been popping up. We discovered the tulips this morning and were quite excited!

From the front, our little planting area doesn't seem like much...

But let me show you how I see it.

I also have a few seedlings of my own I've been tending to... more on that this week. Anyway, take some time and really look at what's blooming around you; you might be as surprised as I!

April 16, 2008

so happy

{The above letter is from Raul's Nana, who always remembers special occasions. Thanks for the well-wishes, Nana. His grandparents just celebrated their 60th anniversary this January...! 60! Hopefully we will be so blessed!}

I always enjoy an excuse to look through our wedding album. Often it happens while I profess to be cleaning, with Raul walking in to find me slowly flipping through the pages. He'll shake his head and I'll chirp, "But it's our wedding album! I haven't looked at it for weeks!"

Three years ago today we said "I Do." And it has been a very special three years, with its ups and downs as anyone can verify. But I will say this: Raul has blown me away with how patient and loving he is, even as things around us are swirling uncontrollably.

We have enjoyed apartment life, starting our careers together, buying a house last year, and are hoping to add a puppy to our family soon...And with the joys, the sorrow: almost two years ago, learning my mom has a terminal illness. {She's an amazing story I will share another time.}

We have shed many tears over the years, but have had a lot of laughs, too. God is good. And faithful. And just. And generous. I say thank you to my husband today, but I also praise God for giving us relationships that are deep, that matter.

So cheers for three years! Happy Anniversary, Raul!

April 15, 2008

a summer breakfast

Something special happens when you sprinkle a little sugar on top of mixed fruit. It's almost as if it can't help gloating.

I have always preferred veggies to fruit {if you can believe it}, but now my tastes are starting to change. My latest favorite food craze is fruit salad, but it has to be berry salad: strawberries and blackberries, in this case, but I also love raspberries and blueberries. Note: Bananas are a favorite in berry salads, too, adding the creamy factor if you lack whipped cream. Yum.

Before too long, the farmer's markets will be in town, and fresh fruits and veggies will abound. I can't wait! {Of course, I've only gone to a couple over the years, but I would love to go to more. Check this out and tell me you agree?} I don't think I understood how lovely food really was until I found Keiko's blog--once you start drooling, you'll see what I mean.

Happy Spring, Happy Summer-to-Come!

April 12, 2008

if walls could talk

For the last three years, I have worked for High Noon Entertainment, a production company that produces various cable TV shows. For the past eight months, I have been on the show If Walls Could Talk, which features historical homes and their stories, and airs on HGTV. While renovating old homes, homeowners often find interesting artifacts from another era--our show pieces together these artifacts to solve the mystery of who built the house, who lived there, and what their lives entailed.

Yesterday was my last day with the show. After being on the air for nine years, HGTV decided not to renew us for another season. I think we knew this was coming--why renew when you had thousands of shows to air over and over? It had a good run as far as TV shows go. Anyway, I found it was a wonderful chance to make thank you notes for the people I've been working with, and thought these little stamps were quite apt:

If these little stamped walls could talk, they would congratulate me on using up my scraps--always a plus! And lately, I find that I HAVE to use glitter. Luckily, a little goes a long way.

These house stamps are from a Stampin' Up set, I think now discontinued, unfortunately; correct me if I'm wrong! They are great for so many occasions: New house, moving, welcome to the neighborhood, or thanks for a great 9th season of "Walls."

After scrambling for weeks trying to finish the show, it will feel good to put my feet up for a bit.

April 5, 2008

blooms and bees

This morning, I found that one of our bushes is beginning to bloom. How fun is that! I also spotted a bee enjoying the bush. He was buzzing around like crazy, and there I sat, jerking my camera around and around to see if I could snap him!

So today, Raul and I spent the morning cleaning our house. Swept, vacuumed, dusted, you name it, we did it! Afterward, we decided we needed to run to Home Depot and look around. I was so pleased--I found Iris and Freesia bulbs!

I also found some really sweet violet blue flowers, which Raul and I re-potted when we got home. We are both so excited to see what will pop up in our yard--every day it seems there are new leaves or blooms somewhere... But the greatest part will be the flowers.
Enjoy your Saturday!

April 2, 2008

spring green... i mean blue

Yesterday's post made me crave Fall, and here it is only April! Thanks to the Purl Bee for bringing my head back to Spring. They had a lovely post the other day {see photo above} concerning a scarf that contains the colors "Key Largo" and "Blue Ice"--which, for me, perfectly describes that odd transition between a frozen winter and thawing springtime.

I'd like to try this pattern, hopefully to finish before the transitional window ends. I have a long way to go:

You can find the pattern here. Happy Knitting!

April 1, 2008

a bit of fall

Last September, I began knitting a  burnt orange scarf on size 10 needles. I doubled the yarn, and knit a 1-rib pattern, creating a fluffy, soft scarf. Unfortunately, I only bought one skein of the yarn {it was on clearance!} and ran out halfway through the project.  When I went back to buy another skein, it was gone--and I haven't seen a similar color since. Sad.

Note to self: Frugalness will only take you so far. ALWAYS buy at least two skeins!

Above is my second attempt: not fluffy, but thin and refined. I'm using size 5 bamboo needles, and sock yarn {Trekking XXL color #145} in normal garter stitch. I'll be honest--garter is not my favorite stitch, but I love how detailed it looks with the thin yarn. Thanks for the idea, Tess!

It was my first purchase at a REAL yarn shop--not Michaels or JoAnns--in Downtown Arvada...I will take pictures next time I'm there, it's too cute of a place.

Hopefully this will be finished by fall 2008... It's too easy to be enticed by other projects {or books, which have been my interest as of late}...