April 15, 2008

a summer breakfast

Something special happens when you sprinkle a little sugar on top of mixed fruit. It's almost as if it can't help gloating.

I have always preferred veggies to fruit {if you can believe it}, but now my tastes are starting to change. My latest favorite food craze is fruit salad, but it has to be berry salad: strawberries and blackberries, in this case, but I also love raspberries and blueberries. Note: Bananas are a favorite in berry salads, too, adding the creamy factor if you lack whipped cream. Yum.

Before too long, the farmer's markets will be in town, and fresh fruits and veggies will abound. I can't wait! {Of course, I've only gone to a couple over the years, but I would love to go to more. Check this out and tell me you agree?} I don't think I understood how lovely food really was until I found Keiko's blog--once you start drooling, you'll see what I mean.

Happy Spring, Happy Summer-to-Come!

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leanne said...

YUM! That fruit looks so delicious! And healthy too. Those were really fun pics on that blog you linked, too. Very fun to look at. I can't wait for summer and farmer's markets.