April 2, 2008

spring green... i mean blue

Yesterday's post made me crave Fall, and here it is only April! Thanks to the Purl Bee for bringing my head back to Spring. They had a lovely post the other day {see photo above} concerning a scarf that contains the colors "Key Largo" and "Blue Ice"--which, for me, perfectly describes that odd transition between a frozen winter and thawing springtime.

I'd like to try this pattern, hopefully to finish before the transitional window ends. I have a long way to go:

You can find the pattern here. Happy Knitting!


leanne said...

I think if you lived here, your transitional window would be longer:) We still have snow on the ground! I really like this project as well...very fun color. Is that your yarn in the second pic?

Mindy said...

Yup! And I bought TWO skeins of it. :) I've had it for awhile and just had no idea what to do with it, I just loved the color... so I think I will put the orange one on hold while I work on this one.

leanne said...

I should have known that was your table in the pic! Happy knitting friend.