December 17, 2009

nesting and dreaming.

We are working on converting my craft room into the nursery. It's a little bittersweet, because I will miss that room... Until R reminds me, "How often did you really use it?" Sigh. This is true. But I miss it just the same. Still, it's been fun to clear it out and move some pieces around to make room for baby things.

Above is the bedding we've ordered--I love the colors, especially the touch of lime green. I also love how old-fashioned yet crisp it is. Nice and simple and girly. We're hoping to add crown molding to the room soon, and besides that, some artwork, maybe a rug... and furniture. We have a long ways to go, but I'll post photos once it's up and running! I can't imagine it being ready and then just waiting for her to arrive... how bizarre and wonderful that will be.

We're going to keep it the same cement green that it is, above (I so love this color still), and I've promised R we will make it look adorable. He's worried it's too boring of a color for a baby, but I think it will look very elegant and sweet.

So. It's no longer a craft room. I've moved all of my craft items to the basement, where it's hiding out for now until I decide how I'd like to organize it. When I first moved everything downstairs, I'm sure I was frowning, because the basement is known to be spiderville, even though it's finished. We even get lots of light streaming in, so its not like it's uber-creepy or anything.

Still. It's the basement. But where else will all this stuff go? Besides buggies, I'll have to share the space with R's ping pong table, an old TV, and a broken treadmill...sweet. I've had this incredible urge to purge our house and organize things and make everything pretty, and I've been a bit discouraged about it as well seeing as how I can barely bend over anymore. I get so tired so easily!

Then I saw these photos today... and my energy is back...

These shots are from Young House Love, the bloggings of an adorable couple who has renovated their 70s home into the coziest place ever. So cute. They added frosted film to their windows for privacy but to keep the light, which I think we could totally do with our basement... and I love the little storage cubby and desk. And, you can't see it very well, but they replaced an old light fixture with a modern lampshade--yup, that's right, it's basically like an upside-down lamp! I think it looks cool.

I won't be able to play with these ideas until next year, probably, after baby is born... but it feels good to be inspired, even if there's not much I can do right now. When you live in a house from the 70s, it feels nice to know there are options for updating. :)

November 14, 2009

old hat new hat

Welcome to my world... on one of the rare occasions when I can see my toes! Baby C is baking away at the start of her 6th month (24 weeks yesterday); time is flying by. I feel her move regularly now, although some days she's very quiet and sedate, and other days she enjoys tap dancing and stretching her arms and legs--I have days like that too, so I understand. When I laugh really hard, she usually either rolls around or pops me one... I'm looking forward to laughing together! (To this, R says, "Oh boy.") :)

This is one of the few pre-pregnancy shirts I can still wear--it's funny to move through so many sizes at such a fast pace.

So the quilt I am so excited about will have to wait during the Christmas season... I have a few other projects I'm working on, but they will remain mum until they are given. :) These, I can share, however:

Pattern: Earflap Hat & Thumbless Mittens
Needles: Size 9 dpns and straight needles
Yarn: Red Heart Artesano (surprisingly soft, but I wish I had used a larger needle for a looser gauge)

This is the only pattern I gasped at when flipping through this book... and for me, that means I had to make it. I keep calling it a Flapjack hat instead of Earflap... :) What an easy pattern! Total time it took to knit: ~3 hours. You knit the hat like a regular ole hat on the double pointed needles, and the side flaps and ties are knit separately. You seam them together, and voila. Adorable. I'd like to add a pom-pom on top.
I think little one might end up with a lot of hats because they are so cute, and so quick to knit... Hopefully she doesn't hate having things on her head!
This next one took me less than two hours--we were watching All About Eve when I made this one. It reminds me of a hat in a book I used to read all the time: Old Hat, New Hat, by Jan Berenstain.

Click here if you don't have a Ravelry account... and then sign up for one. :)
Needles: Size 8 circular needles, size 8 dpns
Yarn: Simply Soft

LOVE this pattern. I've never knit a ruffled edge before--and honestly, at first, I was a little frustrated. You cast on 256 stitches, then knit two together for a couple of rows... This is a little trying at first, and I was getting a little tired of re-counting 256 every time I had to start over, but once my fingers got the hang of it, I was on my way. The rest is just stockinette stitch and decreases. I really love this yarn, A) for its price, B) for how soft it is, and C) how it holds its shape. I also would like to embellish this one with a couple of flowers, like on the original pattern.
More soon...

September 17, 2009

sew simple...right?

I bought two yards of this fabulous "Tea" fabric a year ago, and I had no clue what I wanted to do with it. It was one of those, "I can't NOT buy this!" buys. (I can't bring myself to say compulsive, exactly, because it sounds too sinister and hurried--I knew I really would make use of this fabric; I just didn't know how at the time...)

I fiiiiinally bought matching fabric a couple of weeks ago, and am planning on working on a quilt this fall so that we have something to snuggle under while watching movies this winter! I am excited as this is my first quilt ever {I really have no clue what I'm doing} and thankfully, I know a couple of very talented seamstresses who I know can help me through it.

I also bought this magazine over a year ago, and have had my eye on this pattern:

It's a simple quilt (sew simple), made up of off-set rows of 9-10 6.5" squares. This puppy will be large, at something like 52" X 70 something". I figure as I start laying out the squares, I may or may not want it to be that big... We'll have to see.

My mom has graciously offered to help, and so last weekend we began with the most tedious task: cutting the squares. Oy. I had no idea it would take so long, even with a circular cutter (which is a wonderful invention, btw...). As with most things, it is better with two, and I enjoyed her company and her patient help. I think I'm going to bring it back this weekend so that we can work on it more, if she feels up to it! It means a lot to me to work on these kinds of things together... more than she knows, I think.

Ah, and a tiny baby bump in our midst... So maybe I should say instead, "it's always better with three?" :)

September 3, 2009

accordian heartstrings.

I saw the idea for this on Martha Stewart's website, and couldn't wait to try it. The perfect outlet: a little fall package for my bf Leanne.

Seeing as how we've been sending themed packages for the last, oh... 13 years (!)... it seemed like a fun take on the usual envelope filled with random goodies. These are very easy to make, and can be re-purposed as a coupon keeper, a place to store scraps, or anything else that is little and flat. Seeing as how I can't find Martha's instructions on this little number, I'll do my best to try to explain how to make it...

5 envelopes (I used ones made from paper bags)
Glue stick
Hole punch
Fun goodies to include inside envelopes (pictures, letters, etc.)


1. Fold the flaps of the envelopes backwards, with the glue on the edge of the flap facing away from the front of the envelope. This is how you will adhere these envelopes together--you can either dampen the glue and stick them on that way, or use the glue stick. After folding all of the flaps backward*, line the envelopes up with one another, and glue the flap to the front of the envelope behind it. Make sure the envelopes are square with each other.

*The envelope in the very back will be the front flap that closes over the whole thing, so don't dampen or glue this flap to anything!

2. Repeat this on each envelope until you've created an accordian-style book.

3. The only hole in this accordian is at the bottom of all of the envelopes--center the hole on the bottom of the first envelope (see first photo) and punch. Make a mark from that hole onto each envelope, and punch through, making sure all of the holes line up with each other.

4. Thread ribbon through the hole, up and over the top of the whole book, folding over the flap of the last envelope over all of the envelopes. Add a sentiment if you'd like, and tie in a bow. Voila!

5. Don't forget to stuff each compartment with something fun for the person you're giving it to! I added a recipe, a note, a little crochet pattern, and some chipboard pieces for fun.

Thanks for stopping by!

August 29, 2009


Do you ever have days where you just feel more like yourself? I know I've been in a creative funk for awhile, but I had no idea how UN-like myself I have been feeling until today.

I woke up and began cleaning the craft room to make room for baby things down the line, and after a few hours, I felt so refreshed. I purged three trashbags full of random stuff I won't be missing, and only have a couple of piles left to deal with. Eureka! Can it be? The craft room is clean? Believe it or not, this is all that is left in the room that is craft-related. Well, the closet is still full, but it IS organized... I still need to figure out how everything will be once baby stuff is here! Thankfully I have some time.

My slothfulness has been tied to the mess of this room, I think... Just closing the door certainly does not make it go away. Now we have sunshine in our hallway, and Dex can wander in without diving into something he shouldn't.

Seeing as the crafting scales have fallen from my eyes, I kind of went crazy this afternoon. I popped out a couple of cards, an autumn-inspired package for Leez (which I will unveil next week), and even finished placing a few stay-stitches on a blanket. It took me 10 minutes. Why the procrastinating?
Okay, so here are the cards I made today. I am so ready for Fall.

While I slaved away upstairs, R took Dex-dog out to go shooting with him and his dad. I guess Dex was not scared of the guns at all, which is a good sign--R is hoping to take him hunting for the first time this November. Hopefully Dex won't confuse the trunk for the back of the truck next time... :)

And just because:

This is how I feel today (taken a couple weeks ago in Steamboat Springs). Thanks to relaxing, being productive, and re-focusing some of my priorities as of late. And, as always, thanks to my husband:

August 10, 2009

pea in a pod.

So, I've been MIA lately, and for good reason...

...I've been working on a very special project. Little Baby C is due on March 4, 2010! We are so excited!

May 27, 2009

needles galore

Savers had a 50% off sale on Memorial Day.

I don't know how many times I've gone to Savers with the hope of finding knitting needles... and not finding any. I really think I emitted a squeal when I found these:

Interchangeable needles! It doesn't include all the sizes (I really need a size 2, bum), but how cool is this? It has a 16" and 21" line. And it's all in this adorable little box.

I also found a pack of two size 11, 16" circulars, with these cute little purple needles. Purple! Could it be any more ideal? I think I'm going to give the extra size 11s to a co-worker who knits like crazy.

These, along with two big bags of towels for Dex, and a book, cost a grand total of $7. I think I said, "Whatta steal, whatta steal!" about 20 million times on the way home... R thought I was a little crazy, but I knew you guys would understand. :) The reason why I'm so psyched is a) I haven't bought any needles in hopes of finding some used ones, and b) I have some little projects in store... With all the babies around these days, I am excited for some baby knits. More to come!

April 27, 2009

life management

Hi friends--sorry it has taken me so long to post something new on here. Projects are on the table, but finding time to complete them has been pretty much non-existent. Bah. I've been finding myself either running, visiting with friends, or watching Seinfeld with R-man instead of sitting down in the craft room... 

I have, however, found time to begin reading again. I finished the Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman a couple of weeks ago, which sparked some fun conversation for the hubs and I (my top love language is Quality Time), and now I'm reading Life Management for Busy Women, by Elizabeth George. I picked up this book last week for some Godly suggestions on how to balance life and all its craziness, because really, the more advice, the better, right? :)

She begins by emphasizing spending time in prayer and the Bible before beginning your day, even if for just a few minutes. She likens it to giving the "firstfruits" of your day to the Lord, which is a good argument for studying in the morning... I've always been partial to do it at the end of the day as a way of unwinding, but after reading verses about David calling out to the Lord "in the morning," I'd like to try get some reading in before work. (I have the Bible on CD, which would be a great way to "read" during my 30-40 min drive to work.)

It's tough when you have so many things you want to do, and only so much time! I feel like I am constantly prioritizing, re-prioritizing... it will be nice to focus on the basics regarding the Lord, and letting the rest fall into place, which I believe will. My daily to-do list is always in flux, but on my creative to-do list this week:

-Thank You notes
-Finish sewing pillow covers for living room pillows

And that's all I'm committing to. :) Here's to managing time well... 

April 8, 2009

baby shower

Leez's sister and I threw Leez a baby shower last weekend... it was so cute and fun. She's expecting a little boy.

Little boy clothes are so cute... (See that plaid orange and blue shirt? We called that his little "man" shirt :)

And of course, there was lots of fun food... Cupcakes, meatballs, fruit, quiche, cheese balls, jelly beans, M&Ms, and Oreo Truffles. (Our theme was "polka dots," hence all the round food!)

I will be making these again undoubtedly. :)

1 package oreo cookies
1 8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened
2 boxes Baker's semi-sweet chocolate squares (8 squares each box)
Cookie sheet with wax paper
1. Crush whole package of oreo cookies; place in large bowl.
2. Add package of cream cheese to cookies--mix until mixture is thick and well-blended. Form mixture into 1"-2" balls.
3. Melt 12 squares of chocolate in the microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring inbetween intervals.
4. Once fully melted, dip oreo balls into chocolate, steading ball on a fork. Let excess chocolate drip before transferring to cookie sheet covered in wax paper.
5. Let cool in refrigerator for at least 2 hours (or overnight) before serving. Store in an air-tight container in the fridge.

April 2, 2009

cheap art.

I love the look of mis-matching, monochromatic frames grouped together. I have such a grouping in my craft room, full of random goodies.

Some vintage shipping labels found in Downtown Littleton, $1 for 4. I think the elephant is my favorite. I was so pleased to use the vintagey background paper with these!

A card I received this week from my bf--I absolutely went ga-ga over this stamp, and how pertinent it was to our last get-together--we sewed the bumpers for her crib last weekend! (NOTE: During Christmas-time, I had a vintage postcard in this frame; I like the idea of switching out artwork as it comes my way.)

I love that this guy is carrying books in a wheelbarrow... I clipped this from a flyer from the Tattered Cover. (I think I had that flyer for 5 or 6 years before framing it...! So happy to finally put it to use.)

A cropped page from a mini 2005 calendar. It says, "Parrot tulips from Paris."

And some Audrey, a sweet gift from a close friend of mine after we moved into our house.

Hope you're enjoying your day!