April 16, 2008

so happy

{The above letter is from Raul's Nana, who always remembers special occasions. Thanks for the well-wishes, Nana. His grandparents just celebrated their 60th anniversary this January...! 60! Hopefully we will be so blessed!}

I always enjoy an excuse to look through our wedding album. Often it happens while I profess to be cleaning, with Raul walking in to find me slowly flipping through the pages. He'll shake his head and I'll chirp, "But it's our wedding album! I haven't looked at it for weeks!"

Three years ago today we said "I Do." And it has been a very special three years, with its ups and downs as anyone can verify. But I will say this: Raul has blown me away with how patient and loving he is, even as things around us are swirling uncontrollably.

We have enjoyed apartment life, starting our careers together, buying a house last year, and are hoping to add a puppy to our family soon...And with the joys, the sorrow: almost two years ago, learning my mom has a terminal illness. {She's an amazing story I will share another time.}

We have shed many tears over the years, but have had a lot of laughs, too. God is good. And faithful. And just. And generous. I say thank you to my husband today, but I also praise God for giving us relationships that are deep, that matter.

So cheers for three years! Happy Anniversary, Raul!


leanne said...

Awwww, great pictures. That was such a special day! Congrats to you guys, we love you!

leanne said...

hi again....psst..come check out my blog, I gave you an award:)

Julie P. said...

So Cute...What a photogenic couple. Your marriage is an encouragement to us. Congratulations on 3 years!