April 5, 2010

a list of to-dos.

A lovely photo of seeds from this post inspired me to putz around our yard today. Dex joined me while Livvy slept in her car seat in the kitchen. Sans sunglasses. (It is beautiful outside today--so nice for our daily walk!) She is so girly, isn't she?

Our irises are rising from the ground, as they always do beginning in March. I have wanted to split these for the last two years, but have either chickened out, or realized it was winter and splitting wasn't possible any more. So this fall, I'm looking forward to being brave and splitting them so they have room to grow and fill up the space along our fence. (Please don't hesitate to ask me this September, "Have you spilt the irises Mindy? Well..?" And I will hopefully be able to say, "Indeed I did!") It really will look stunning, if I can only muster up the guts to do it--I'm worried I'll kill all of them and THEN how ugly will our fenceline be...! :)

Because Dex loves to snap branches off of our bushes randomly (sigh), I was fairly surprised to see this one actually blooming. I'm so glad; these little flowers are so cheerful, and are the first sign in our yard that spring is definitely here. Hopefully the bald spot in the middle will fill in... Dexter...

I'm not yet sure what we'll be planting/doing with the yard this year. Most likely some petunias in our window boxes, as they are cute, affordable, and long-lasting. I'm also thinking seeds will be the way to go vs. buying older plants. Which kinds? No clue yet. It is on my list of things to do and think about, which is steadily growing. Amid napping, laundry, playing with Liv, and running the energy out of Dex...

...which is the key to his little doggie heart these days.