April 5, 2008

blooms and bees

This morning, I found that one of our bushes is beginning to bloom. How fun is that! I also spotted a bee enjoying the bush. He was buzzing around like crazy, and there I sat, jerking my camera around and around to see if I could snap him!

So today, Raul and I spent the morning cleaning our house. Swept, vacuumed, dusted, you name it, we did it! Afterward, we decided we needed to run to Home Depot and look around. I was so pleased--I found Iris and Freesia bulbs!

I also found some really sweet violet blue flowers, which Raul and I re-potted when we got home. We are both so excited to see what will pop up in our yard--every day it seems there are new leaves or blooms somewhere... But the greatest part will be the flowers.
Enjoy your Saturday!


leanne said...

Hiya minnz...your pictures are sooo good. That bush by your house looks so pretty! I can't wait to see some of your favorite flowers bloom (iris/freesia). Too fun. Ok, now I'm waiting for a {paper} entry:) Your blog rocks!

keiko said...

Hi Mindy - congratulations on your blog, it's so cute and lovely, I'm looking forward to reading more of fabulous entries! The cherry blossoms look gorgeous, hope you're enjoying some lovely spring days... kx