September 28, 2011

file restart.

We recently moved an old, clunky filing cabinet to the basement from the baby's room (former office).  It found a home in ours when my parents downsized last year, and we quickly filled it with anything and everything... it's industrial sized. I have no idea where my dad bought this thing! We were tempted to sell it on Craigslist and get something smaller, but decided to keep it and utilize it for more things.
Re-placed in the basement.
Before we moved it, we took everything out and combed through all of our files, discarding old papers and pay stubs, etc. We had filled almost all four drawers with paper; after downsizing, I can fit all of our files into two drawers! So here's my plan:

...Use the third drawer for crafty kid supplies (finger painting stuff, pipe cleaners, whatever Liv, sister, & friends will enjoy using, etc.) and the bottom drawer for office supplies that won't fit in our upstairs desk (extra pens, pencils, tape, copy paper, etc.).  It's kind of silly how giddy this makes me, but I'm glad these things will finally have a designated space vs. floating around in basement land.

At this point, we've:

Moved the cabinet
Organized our files
Filled cabinet for use

Before I put everything in its place, I wanted to show you how I organized our actual files.


I came up with broad categories, like Health Records, Government Documents, Investments, Credit Cards, Receipts, Taxes etc. and labeled 11 x 17 file folders with these titles, and then filled them with specific manilla folders:

Then I put the main categories in alphabetical order:

It feels good to know what we have instead of wading through pointless paper when we're looking for something we need!

I suggest sitting down with your favorite cup of tea or coffee for this job, as well as some tunes that keep you awake. :)

September 27, 2011

pumpkin moon

Soo...How is it already almost October? I have six more weeks until baby bug is born, and I'm feeling mentally prepared with a twist of nervous right about now.  More excited than nervous, truly; I just have so many questions that won't have answers until she's here. Like: How is Liv going to react to a new baby? Will this baby be jaundice too? Am I going to feel as emotional as I did with Liv afteward? What is bug's name going to be...? We've been practicing breathing exercises and discussing our "birth plan," so on that front, I feel good about things. There is just so much to look forward to and not know right now, and that's what's giving me butterflies. I can't wait to meet you, baby girl!

I moved a few things into the baby's room last week, to R's dismay... But hey, when you feel a burst of energy, you just gotta go for it, right? Okay, so it probably wasn't smart to move a dresser and a couple of rocking chairs around, but I went slow and shimmied as best I could, no lifting. All was well. I remember taking it fairly easy when I was pregnant with Olivia--this time around it's almost as if I forget I'm pregnant, and try to do much more than I should. The exception to this has been yard work--I can't bend over that well, no matter how energized I feel, haha. I'd still like to winterize my pots and get some of the old plants out of our beds though... Nesting much?

I'm finding I'm more of a fall cleaner than a spring cleaner. Okay, so again, this year is kind of an exception as nesting has been my driving force, but it's true. Digging out fall decorations lights the cleaning torch. Maybe it's the whole getting-the-house-ready-for-winter thing vs. cleaning-it-out-for-spring thing. So it's been a great time of purging and organizing and getting back to what I had originally dreamed about way back in January.

More about that on the way.

For now, here are a few of my favorite little things I dug out a couple of weeks ago:

Who wouldn't love to own a bakery named Pumpkin Moon?

Cream pumpkins... love it.

Bought this in Idaho Springs in 2009. Makes me smile.
Little pumpkin tealight holders - $1 a pop at Hobby Lobby

Homegrown Jack-Be-Little pumpkins! Liv helped me pick these.

Faux pumpkins on candlesticks. Brilliant. Thanks, Pinterest.

I also made a little Owlish art insert to display in a frame, heehee:

October is upon us! What are your favorite things to have around you this time of year?

September 5, 2011

card storage.

Got this idea from seeing some gals at Bible study use these rings to keep notecards with verses together...

Originally, I thought I'd put Liv's baby shower and birthday cards in her baby book, but now I can put them in a memory box for her to comb through someday--I like how all of the cards are corralled, but easy to flip through (vs. just using a rubber band or something).

I did the same for R's 30th birthday cards as he has a drawer he keeps mementos in. Sweet.

Punch. Click. Done!

September 3, 2011

staircase frames: part II

Can I just say I love this? What a simple and fun way to spice up a stairway. Lovin' it. It changed slightly from my original setup (being that I didn't want to buy more frames). I'm still figuring out what to include in this collage photo-wise, but wanted to share this boxy, linear goodness with you. Everything seems to happen in phases when you have a one-and-a-half-year-old running around...

View from the kitchen nook:

The first frame I've filled so far: A picture of our house when it was built in 1977.

No trees yet, isn't that crazy? {Photo layered on burlap, my latest obsession.} I wonder what all of the original paint and fixtures looked like then...and who lived here through the years. Remember this post about former homeowners dropping by with a gift?

Okay, so here was the before:

And the after:

With room to grow. :)

September 2, 2011

big girl & baby girl.

We are two months away from meeting our new baby girl. I can't believe it. I absolutely get more excited by the day. My mind has suddenly switched from being-pregnant mode into oh-my-gosh-she's-going-to-be-here-SOON mode. Racing, really. I need to pare down my lists of things To Do and enjoy doing a little bit each day, otherwise this time really will fly by, and I'll miss out!

I think one of the most unbelievable things about it all is how "grown up" Liv is going to seem after the baby is born. She is becoming a lovely, self-sufficient little thing; to see her transition from babyhood into toddlerhood has been awesome, despite the meltdowns... :)

Mmmm... oatmeal with cinnamon! One of my faves!
She and lil' sis will be 20 months apart. I pray that they will be close in all the important ways only sisters can be. I'll be fascinated to see this relationship unfold, to say the least! Right now, Liv loves spending time in the baby's room, "helping" us clean it, playing with the baby swings and toys we've stashed there for the time being... She tries to say "sister" and will give my bump little hugs now and then, almost like she forgot and suddenly remembers it would be a nice thing to do. Cute. She has nooo clue what's about to rock her world, but I love that she's sharing in our excitement and feels like she's a part of it.

Man. Two girls! How fun is this going to be?