April 12, 2008

if walls could talk

For the last three years, I have worked for High Noon Entertainment, a production company that produces various cable TV shows. For the past eight months, I have been on the show If Walls Could Talk, which features historical homes and their stories, and airs on HGTV. While renovating old homes, homeowners often find interesting artifacts from another era--our show pieces together these artifacts to solve the mystery of who built the house, who lived there, and what their lives entailed.

Yesterday was my last day with the show. After being on the air for nine years, HGTV decided not to renew us for another season. I think we knew this was coming--why renew when you had thousands of shows to air over and over? It had a good run as far as TV shows go. Anyway, I found it was a wonderful chance to make thank you notes for the people I've been working with, and thought these little stamps were quite apt:

If these little stamped walls could talk, they would congratulate me on using up my scraps--always a plus! And lately, I find that I HAVE to use glitter. Luckily, a little goes a long way.

These house stamps are from a Stampin' Up set, I think now discontinued, unfortunately; correct me if I'm wrong! They are great for so many occasions: New house, moving, welcome to the neighborhood, or thanks for a great 9th season of "Walls."

After scrambling for weeks trying to finish the show, it will feel good to put my feet up for a bit.

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leanne said...

Congrats on all your hard work at high noon! I love these cards, they are so fun with the glitter and all. I really like that stamp set and this was a good use for it. The striped patterned paper is awesome! (it reminds me of your curtains:)