April 1, 2008

a bit of fall

Last September, I began knitting a  burnt orange scarf on size 10 needles. I doubled the yarn, and knit a 1-rib pattern, creating a fluffy, soft scarf. Unfortunately, I only bought one skein of the yarn {it was on clearance!} and ran out halfway through the project.  When I went back to buy another skein, it was gone--and I haven't seen a similar color since. Sad.

Note to self: Frugalness will only take you so far. ALWAYS buy at least two skeins!

Above is my second attempt: not fluffy, but thin and refined. I'm using size 5 bamboo needles, and sock yarn {Trekking XXL color #145} in normal garter stitch. I'll be honest--garter is not my favorite stitch, but I love how detailed it looks with the thin yarn. Thanks for the idea, Tess!

It was my first purchase at a REAL yarn shop--not Michaels or JoAnns--in Downtown Arvada...I will take pictures next time I'm there, it's too cute of a place.

Hopefully this will be finished by fall 2008... It's too easy to be enticed by other projects {or books, which have been my interest as of late}...


tess said...

hey lady! nice scarf. i love that yarn. it takes a lot of stitches. when i made my first scarf from that yarn, i knitted while watching the summer olympics. it was a good way to feel virtuous despite the fact that i was spending lots of time in front of the tv. : )

Mindy said...

Yeah, it's pretty awesome how knitting redeems TV-watching. :) Perhaps I will finish mine during the Olympics this year!

leanne said...

I looove that orange color! Way to go...I can't wait to see the finished product.