October 29, 2010

pumpkins & a little lady

My mom & I went to Sprouts this week {a mini-Whole Foods, like Sunflower Market, but with much better prices, if you can believe it} and I couldn't help myself from taking photos of their wide array of pumpkins! Tell me I'm not the only one who gets pumpkin-crazy this time of year...? Can you blame me though? Look at those gorgeous Fairytale Pumpkins... So adorable. Mostly because of their name, but still, adorable.

The beast below--er, Big Mac as it were--was $50; I wonder if someone will actually buy it for their Halloween party or Thanksgiving shindig.

Anyhoo, if you have a Sprouts near you, I highly suggest you go. They had squash 88 cents a pound, and vine tomatoes for 46 cents a pound (!). Fabulous.

All right, pumpkins and screamin' deals aside, our little punkin is going to debut her very first Halloween costume this weekend:

It is getting more and more difficult to take pictures of her in her chair, now that she's so mobile! But I had to try, seeing as how I've taken her other monthly shots here. These were taken right before naptime; maybe I'll fare better after she wakes up. :)

 This hat is a little large, Mama...

 Wait a minute, I think I can fix it....

Huh Mom? Did you say something?

Happy Halloween!