Pretty + creative + functional + practical = my favorite things. {Now that's math that makes sense to me...}

Hi. I'm Mindy. I'm one of those who loves knitting, sewing, and gardening, and I love learning how to do each of these things better and better. I have a long way to go, but you can join in on the adventure with me here. 

I'm also kind of obsessed with pens and paper... and take great joy in spending everyday with my girls, Olivia and Natalie.

Natalie &  I
Liv &  I

I've been married for seven years to the awesome R. If this picture doesn't radiate awesome, I don't know what does...

While camped out in mommyhood for awhile, I'm hoping to sharpen some other skills... like being creative, and writing. Doing what I love. As I get older, I find my list of Loves just continues to grow!

Thanks for visiting! Be well & say hello!