August 29, 2009


Do you ever have days where you just feel more like yourself? I know I've been in a creative funk for awhile, but I had no idea how UN-like myself I have been feeling until today.

I woke up and began cleaning the craft room to make room for baby things down the line, and after a few hours, I felt so refreshed. I purged three trashbags full of random stuff I won't be missing, and only have a couple of piles left to deal with. Eureka! Can it be? The craft room is clean? Believe it or not, this is all that is left in the room that is craft-related. Well, the closet is still full, but it IS organized... I still need to figure out how everything will be once baby stuff is here! Thankfully I have some time.

My slothfulness has been tied to the mess of this room, I think... Just closing the door certainly does not make it go away. Now we have sunshine in our hallway, and Dex can wander in without diving into something he shouldn't.

Seeing as the crafting scales have fallen from my eyes, I kind of went crazy this afternoon. I popped out a couple of cards, an autumn-inspired package for Leez (which I will unveil next week), and even finished placing a few stay-stitches on a blanket. It took me 10 minutes. Why the procrastinating?
Okay, so here are the cards I made today. I am so ready for Fall.

While I slaved away upstairs, R took Dex-dog out to go shooting with him and his dad. I guess Dex was not scared of the guns at all, which is a good sign--R is hoping to take him hunting for the first time this November. Hopefully Dex won't confuse the trunk for the back of the truck next time... :)

And just because:

This is how I feel today (taken a couple weeks ago in Steamboat Springs). Thanks to relaxing, being productive, and re-focusing some of my priorities as of late. And, as always, thanks to my husband:

August 10, 2009

pea in a pod.

So, I've been MIA lately, and for good reason...

...I've been working on a very special project. Little Baby C is due on March 4, 2010! We are so excited!