October 29, 2012

random: how my mind works.

You know I love my Sharpies. Last night I used them to make lists upon lists... on graph-papered-post-it-notes. Sweet.

Inspiration typically pummels me at 100mph, or it doesn't come at all.  Last night, I was pummeled. I'm trying to organize Natalie's first birthday, and once I started doodling, I realized that assigning post-it squares to different aspects of the party organized my brain better than a typical list... I stuck them to the back of this pretty sheet of paper:

and then wrote out a final shopping list for today on the other side. Moving the squares around and compartmentalizing parts of the party made my list come together much faster.
By then, R had already headed up for bed, but my mind was still chugging. I decided to use this method to help me organize our house. (Ha.) Another something that's been on my mind. (When is it not?) If a method doesn't work for you, move onto something else, right? So I wrote down our major problem areas, and then organized them in a stack from quickest to clean, to most laborious.
It's on our fridge, so now when I'm bumbling around trying to tidy up, I can just pluck off the top post-it and get to work. I am loving this setup visually, and I love that it's tactile.  This pin inspired me, actually. :)
How's that for random today?