April 20, 2008

bloom where you are planted

I think this is the first time in a long time I've given Spring its props. Sure, I love driving through the city and oogling the crabapple tree blossoms and newly budded leaves, but that was pretty much where my extent for Spring-loving stopped.

Here is a little snippet as to why I'm enjoying Spring differently this year:

I have my very own flowers! And tulips, too, no less, with their soft, modest scent and robust color. {Hmm--I might just vote them to be the humblest flower. Daisies are certainly the friendliest, but tulips... very sweet despite their bold hues.}

The previous homeowners who lived in our house lovingly planted so many plants here and there--it has been a treat to see what's been popping up. We discovered the tulips this morning and were quite excited!

From the front, our little planting area doesn't seem like much...

But let me show you how I see it.

I also have a few seedlings of my own I've been tending to... more on that this week. Anyway, take some time and really look at what's blooming around you; you might be as surprised as I!


leanne said...

oh, I am so jealous! I love your beautiful tulips. What fun to see what is popping up. We don't have much blooming around here yet...at least not outside. I have a couple alyssum and cosmos seeds sprouting and also some marigolds. Oh, I wish spring would hurry up and get here:)

tess said...

i love red orange. almost as much as orange red.

the first flower i ever "illegally" picked (ie didn't ask my neighbor permission--i was four i think) was a tulip. my neighbor was actually ok with it but my mom was pretty peeved. i felt so guilty and got all upset about it that the flower was gifted to me. i remember subsiding my tears in front of the tv (probably to watch bob ross--i loved his show as a kid), and i was given my favorite snack (crispy chinese noodles), a quilt draped over my lap (made by the aforementioned neighbor) and the tulip in a vase at my side.

Julie P. said...

I love the tulips...they are my favorite.