November 20, 2012

another first.

Our second First Birthday party... for Natalie girl. My littlest one is officially one! I am loving this age and missing all of the younger months all at once.

I think I could throw a pumpkin-themed party every year, just because it's such a cute theme. {My baby shower for when I was preggo with Nat was pumpkin-themed, pink and orange, and I looooved it. Seemed fitting to do it again for her birthday, especially as our pumpkins were still on the front stoop!}

For this party, I wanted to keep it simple. Simple cake, simple decorations, simple food. And what's a party without bunting? Inspired by this post. I loved the accordian look to it, and it was super easy to make.  It's still hanging in our dining room and I love it. (I think I'm finally going to make some pinwheels out of this dotted paper for Natalie's room...)

On the other side of the wall, I hung pictures from the day Natalie was born up thru this year. I love looking at these, because her face is just so...her. She is who she is! I feel the same way about Olivia's pictures. So cool.

I used two box mixes for the cake ($1 per box) and one box for cupcakes, but I added a little canned pumpkin to make it more dense. You couldn't really taste it, but I thought it did make the consistency better! I thought the cake might be too crumbly otherwise. Oh, the pumpkin cake. Nom.

Is there anything much prettier than a dark chocolate cake with powdered sugar...? Love.  It was special because the bundt pan I used was my mom's... she would've been impressed and happy I made use of such an old metal pan, especially hers!

I also made some cinnamon whipped cream to go along with it, and anyone who was a frosting fanatic could help themselves to a cupcake. Best of both worlds.

(I made the cupcakes the day before and froze them on a cookie sheet--I took them out about half an hour before the party started. So convenient! The sugar pumpkins are from Michaels, $5 before the 40% off coupon.)

She fell asleep before gifts... aww. 

I am loving watching my girls grow up and seeing all of the changes they're going through, physically and emotionally. Natalie has dealt with some hard times, but is doing so well right now. She had awful eczema until about seven months, and had a baaad case of separation anxiety (due to me not leaving her thanks to the eczema). Lately, she has been enjoying other people, venturing out on her own, adjusting to her surroundings without drama. (Most of the time. :) I am so proud of her!

She is smiley, snuggly, loving, and happy. Even when she was tiny, before the eczema kicked in, she was so smiley. She has the goofiest laugh, and the toothiest grin. I love seeing those big chipmunk teeth every morning. She is a joyful girl!


Babies are magical. They just are. I will never forget when her doctor told me that at her first ever appointment.  Treasure your babies and those around you; what precious days we have with them that go by way too fast!