September 3, 2009

accordian heartstrings.

I saw the idea for this on Martha Stewart's website, and couldn't wait to try it. The perfect outlet: a little fall package for my bf Leanne.

Seeing as how we've been sending themed packages for the last, oh... 13 years (!)... it seemed like a fun take on the usual envelope filled with random goodies. These are very easy to make, and can be re-purposed as a coupon keeper, a place to store scraps, or anything else that is little and flat. Seeing as how I can't find Martha's instructions on this little number, I'll do my best to try to explain how to make it...

5 envelopes (I used ones made from paper bags)
Glue stick
Hole punch
Fun goodies to include inside envelopes (pictures, letters, etc.)


1. Fold the flaps of the envelopes backwards, with the glue on the edge of the flap facing away from the front of the envelope. This is how you will adhere these envelopes together--you can either dampen the glue and stick them on that way, or use the glue stick. After folding all of the flaps backward*, line the envelopes up with one another, and glue the flap to the front of the envelope behind it. Make sure the envelopes are square with each other.

*The envelope in the very back will be the front flap that closes over the whole thing, so don't dampen or glue this flap to anything!

2. Repeat this on each envelope until you've created an accordian-style book.

3. The only hole in this accordian is at the bottom of all of the envelopes--center the hole on the bottom of the first envelope (see first photo) and punch. Make a mark from that hole onto each envelope, and punch through, making sure all of the holes line up with each other.

4. Thread ribbon through the hole, up and over the top of the whole book, folding over the flap of the last envelope over all of the envelopes. Add a sentiment if you'd like, and tie in a bow. Voila!

5. Don't forget to stuff each compartment with something fun for the person you're giving it to! I added a recipe, a note, a little crochet pattern, and some chipboard pieces for fun.

Thanks for stopping by!


Rae said...

I love the look of this, though I must admit that I am not nearly crafty enough to attempt it!

leanne said...

I loved my little package! When I get my box of pears next week I am going to try that recipe! I think I will make one of these to send to Marylin:)

Phil and Danielle said...

What I cute idea. I love all the fall colors. This time of year is great with rich colors and everything apple and pumpkin flavored. I think its great that you added your own style to it!