April 2, 2009

cheap art.

I love the look of mis-matching, monochromatic frames grouped together. I have such a grouping in my craft room, full of random goodies.

Some vintage shipping labels found in Downtown Littleton, $1 for 4. I think the elephant is my favorite. I was so pleased to use the vintagey background paper with these!

A card I received this week from my bf--I absolutely went ga-ga over this stamp, and how pertinent it was to our last get-together--we sewed the bumpers for her crib last weekend! (NOTE: During Christmas-time, I had a vintage postcard in this frame; I like the idea of switching out artwork as it comes my way.)

I love that this guy is carrying books in a wheelbarrow... I clipped this from a flyer from the Tattered Cover. (I think I had that flyer for 5 or 6 years before framing it...! So happy to finally put it to use.)

A cropped page from a mini 2005 calendar. It says, "Parrot tulips from Paris."

And some Audrey, a sweet gift from a close friend of mine after we moved into our house.

Hope you're enjoying your day!


tess said...

i love those labels!!! i have yet to frame mine--way to be on the ball. we need to go back to that store stat.

leanne said...

Love the frames! What a cool idea friend. I think I need some orange ones for my craft room:)