December 17, 2009

nesting and dreaming.

We are working on converting my craft room into the nursery. It's a little bittersweet, because I will miss that room... Until R reminds me, "How often did you really use it?" Sigh. This is true. But I miss it just the same. Still, it's been fun to clear it out and move some pieces around to make room for baby things.

Above is the bedding we've ordered--I love the colors, especially the touch of lime green. I also love how old-fashioned yet crisp it is. Nice and simple and girly. We're hoping to add crown molding to the room soon, and besides that, some artwork, maybe a rug... and furniture. We have a long ways to go, but I'll post photos once it's up and running! I can't imagine it being ready and then just waiting for her to arrive... how bizarre and wonderful that will be.

We're going to keep it the same cement green that it is, above (I so love this color still), and I've promised R we will make it look adorable. He's worried it's too boring of a color for a baby, but I think it will look very elegant and sweet.

So. It's no longer a craft room. I've moved all of my craft items to the basement, where it's hiding out for now until I decide how I'd like to organize it. When I first moved everything downstairs, I'm sure I was frowning, because the basement is known to be spiderville, even though it's finished. We even get lots of light streaming in, so its not like it's uber-creepy or anything.

Still. It's the basement. But where else will all this stuff go? Besides buggies, I'll have to share the space with R's ping pong table, an old TV, and a broken treadmill...sweet. I've had this incredible urge to purge our house and organize things and make everything pretty, and I've been a bit discouraged about it as well seeing as how I can barely bend over anymore. I get so tired so easily!

Then I saw these photos today... and my energy is back...

These shots are from Young House Love, the bloggings of an adorable couple who has renovated their 70s home into the coziest place ever. So cute. They added frosted film to their windows for privacy but to keep the light, which I think we could totally do with our basement... and I love the little storage cubby and desk. And, you can't see it very well, but they replaced an old light fixture with a modern lampshade--yup, that's right, it's basically like an upside-down lamp! I think it looks cool.

I won't be able to play with these ideas until next year, probably, after baby is born... but it feels good to be inspired, even if there's not much I can do right now. When you live in a house from the 70s, it feels nice to know there are options for updating. :)


leanne said...

hi friend...can't wait to see more photos of the little one's room! I love your bedding. Don't worry about the basement, just bring the spider stick with you:) See you soon.

Shay said...

I love this wall color!! Can you email me and tell me what color and brand of paint it is? Great website!