September 2, 2011

big girl & baby girl.

We are two months away from meeting our new baby girl. I can't believe it. I absolutely get more excited by the day. My mind has suddenly switched from being-pregnant mode into oh-my-gosh-she's-going-to-be-here-SOON mode. Racing, really. I need to pare down my lists of things To Do and enjoy doing a little bit each day, otherwise this time really will fly by, and I'll miss out!

I think one of the most unbelievable things about it all is how "grown up" Liv is going to seem after the baby is born. She is becoming a lovely, self-sufficient little thing; to see her transition from babyhood into toddlerhood has been awesome, despite the meltdowns... :)

Mmmm... oatmeal with cinnamon! One of my faves!
She and lil' sis will be 20 months apart. I pray that they will be close in all the important ways only sisters can be. I'll be fascinated to see this relationship unfold, to say the least! Right now, Liv loves spending time in the baby's room, "helping" us clean it, playing with the baby swings and toys we've stashed there for the time being... She tries to say "sister" and will give my bump little hugs now and then, almost like she forgot and suddenly remembers it would be a nice thing to do. Cute. She has nooo clue what's about to rock her world, but I love that she's sharing in our excitement and feels like she's a part of it.

Man. Two girls! How fun is this going to be?

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leanne said...

Feeding herself? What a big (and cute!) girl.