January 4, 2011

the organized year.

I constantly wish that I inherited my mom's cleaning gene, because she is an organization guru... You ask her where something is and she can tell you to a T, and miraculously, it's always there. I don't know why this didn't fascinate me before, but now that I'm a mom it's amazing I can find anything on a day-to-day basis. It just happens that way! If you're not intentional, everything falls. So. I've decided I need to finally get a grasp on organization and just do it.

So with that, I'm going to commit to organizing our home this year, bit by bit. And I'm going to post about it. {Eeek! Good ole accountability!} I was debating about posting all of this on my sidecar site, HealthyBecause, because I think being orderly is healthy, but as I don't really have any projects going right now here, VP is where it's at. So here we go.

Step 1: Identify problems. I've noticed that it's my tendency to not finish home or craft projects. Let's be honest. As soon as I get bored or tired, I justify walking away and leaving it as it is for who knows how long. Sometimes the justification is, "I can't figure this out, I need to think about it and come back" {and then won't} or "How long have I been doing this? Time to start something new..." {and I will}. Why is this? Am I too ambitious in the beginning? Most likely. Am I not patient enough to wade through learning a new skill? Often. Whatever it is, I'd really like to get over it. We were going to "redo" our bedroom, and we got as far as painting it a new color, but nothing else really changed. More on that later. So I'd like to take unfinished to finished this year.

Step 2: A new perspective. I grabbed my camera yesterday and snapped pics of all the areas I want to organize. I feel like I see them everyday, but looking at a picture on the computer makes it different somehow. I'll share these with you as I go, as embarassing as they will be.

Step 3: Inspiration photos. For the last couple of weeks, I've been mostly googling around for inspiration pictures. Imitation will be the route I take to begin with, and I've found some really fun photos... Let's start there to whet the organizing appetite:

I love an organized bookcase. I have two that aren't really doing much except taking up space; hopefully I can make them functional and appealing to boot.

I looove the gray and white kitchen... But we have honey-colored wood in our kitchen, along with cream-colored cabinets. Not sure gray would be the best choice...

How cute is this? Maybe for Liv's drawer someday?

I also love this bookshelf. Would be easy to make... and could be a great place for baby's library books. {Seeing is remembering to return them :)}

Step 4: Pick a place and start. This week, my goal is a small one {as much as I want to start with the kitchen! See?? Over ambitious!}. I want go through and organize the upstairs linen closet. Here's a before picture.

Dum dum dummmm...

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leanne said...

This totally inspires me to get organized! We have so many projects to finish for our house to be "done" and it seems like organizing gets pushed to the back. I can't wait to see what you do with your linen closet. And when did little miss livvie turn into such a young lady??? that picture is too cute!