September 27, 2011

pumpkin moon

Soo...How is it already almost October? I have six more weeks until baby bug is born, and I'm feeling mentally prepared with a twist of nervous right about now.  More excited than nervous, truly; I just have so many questions that won't have answers until she's here. Like: How is Liv going to react to a new baby? Will this baby be jaundice too? Am I going to feel as emotional as I did with Liv afteward? What is bug's name going to be...? We've been practicing breathing exercises and discussing our "birth plan," so on that front, I feel good about things. There is just so much to look forward to and not know right now, and that's what's giving me butterflies. I can't wait to meet you, baby girl!

I moved a few things into the baby's room last week, to R's dismay... But hey, when you feel a burst of energy, you just gotta go for it, right? Okay, so it probably wasn't smart to move a dresser and a couple of rocking chairs around, but I went slow and shimmied as best I could, no lifting. All was well. I remember taking it fairly easy when I was pregnant with Olivia--this time around it's almost as if I forget I'm pregnant, and try to do much more than I should. The exception to this has been yard work--I can't bend over that well, no matter how energized I feel, haha. I'd still like to winterize my pots and get some of the old plants out of our beds though... Nesting much?

I'm finding I'm more of a fall cleaner than a spring cleaner. Okay, so again, this year is kind of an exception as nesting has been my driving force, but it's true. Digging out fall decorations lights the cleaning torch. Maybe it's the whole getting-the-house-ready-for-winter thing vs. cleaning-it-out-for-spring thing. So it's been a great time of purging and organizing and getting back to what I had originally dreamed about way back in January.

More about that on the way.

For now, here are a few of my favorite little things I dug out a couple of weeks ago:

Who wouldn't love to own a bakery named Pumpkin Moon?

Cream pumpkins... love it.

Bought this in Idaho Springs in 2009. Makes me smile.
Little pumpkin tealight holders - $1 a pop at Hobby Lobby

Homegrown Jack-Be-Little pumpkins! Liv helped me pick these.

Faux pumpkins on candlesticks. Brilliant. Thanks, Pinterest.

I also made a little Owlish art insert to display in a frame, heehee:

October is upon us! What are your favorite things to have around you this time of year?

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leanne said...

Seriously, you posted that organization post in January?? This year has flown by! I remember reading that and purging the craft room....but I was nesting as well:) I love your little pumpkins that you grew. And you are looking just lovely. Can't wait to see you!

ps..your owl art totally rocks!