September 3, 2011

staircase frames: part II

Can I just say I love this? What a simple and fun way to spice up a stairway. Lovin' it. It changed slightly from my original setup (being that I didn't want to buy more frames). I'm still figuring out what to include in this collage photo-wise, but wanted to share this boxy, linear goodness with you. Everything seems to happen in phases when you have a one-and-a-half-year-old running around...

View from the kitchen nook:

The first frame I've filled so far: A picture of our house when it was built in 1977.

No trees yet, isn't that crazy? {Photo layered on burlap, my latest obsession.} I wonder what all of the original paint and fixtures looked like then...and who lived here through the years. Remember this post about former homeowners dropping by with a gift?

Okay, so here was the before:

And the after:

With room to grow. :)

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