September 9, 2008

a change'll do ya

So in June, I posted some photos of my craft room. Unfortunately, because it is usually in a state of disarray, it does not get used as much as you think it would!

Last week I finally put my foot down, and had the following conversation with myself:

Me: What good is a craft room if you aren't using it? Why not just make it a guest bedroom after all?
Me: What??? I'll clean it, geez.
Me: I think it needs more than just organization. It needs fun. Why did you buy those candy-colored crochet hooks anyway?
Me: ...You're absolutely right.

As with most things, the room is a work in progress. But at least I can use it now, and with glee!

The major change was bringing up a shelf from the basement to hold my knitting supplies, and moving the dresser to an adjacent wall. This instantly made the room feel more full and orderly, and allowed for me to add an extra lamp.

A closer look:

In the bottom basket on the shelf, I'm storing my fabric. The pumpkin pattern will most likely be sewn into an apron; the next two to the right--turquoise and plum patterns--will hopefully become skirts. The other two are undecided.

And these pieces came from the remnant bin at that blue toile.

This dresser was where the knitting shelf now stands. This now holds extra stamps and stamping supplies, as well as a candy stash, heehee.

I found those three plastic baskets last week at Walmart for $3.97/3 pack. They even have matching green detail. Perfect!

I'm feeling a little more inspired. Sometimes a little change is all you need.

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tess said...

your room looks so lovely! i could sit there for hours and knit and knit. and you can do cables. and then i'll ooh and aah. ps i'm thinking about dyeing my own yarn as of this past weekend! might as well since i can't bother to learn any new stitches. ho hum. lovely space though! and way to talk yourself into tidying. half of me never takes my other half seriously. nice crochet hooks too--have you crocheted anything yet?