September 10, 2008


Poor Dexter. We had to take him to the emergency vet Monday night after he collided with our couch. {He was running into the family room to see Raul and somehow managed to squash his wrist against the wooden leg of the couch. Much yelping ensued, and for us first-time puppy parents it was pretty scary.}

It's only a sprain, so he should be better within a week. That's what we're hoping, anyway. It's pretty tricky to keep a 13-week-old lab quiet and off his leg when he's so determined to play...

He hates wearing the cone, but will tolerate it. I think the crossbones decal makes up for it. {Isn't that funny? The tech said he seemed like a wild one...hmm, imagine that...}


leanne said...

oooh...puppy hugs from daisy and java! I can't believe the crossbones. totally cracking me up! I hope he heals quickly!

Jackie said...

Ohmygosh...Dex is so cute! Sorry to see him bandaged up...but they did a cute job of it. I hope he heals soon.

The craft room looks like a place that is fun to spend time in. Happy crafting! Hope you get some inspiration.

My latest "hobby" is canning. I made, with the help of a neighbor, some muscadine jelly. It is soo good! She had never made it but remembered her dad making it. I had the grapes, canning supplies and the desire to do it! She had more "know-how" than I did. Anyway, nothing ventured, nothing gained. We are enjoying every piece of toast with the jelly on it! Our next venture is some pepper jelly and some bread and butter pickles. Hope to do that as soon as we come back from New Orleans. We leave tomorrow...and are praying Ike does not cause havoc in the N.O. area. We are only staying Fri. night and Sat. night. We'll be home by Sun. evening.