September 8, 2008

awaiting progress

The last month has been fairly quiet, both online, as you can see, and in my day-to-day happenings. To be honest, there just has not been much to post about.

Progress on crafts & writing has come to a trickle, and so I await inspiration. I feel like I'm waiting for a lot of things these days... but Romans 12 encourages us to be joyful, patient, hopeful, and faithful in prayer during these times, and so that is what I will try to do as my dry spell carries on.

On a lighter note, we had some wonderful company this weekend: My best friend Leanne and her husband stayed with us, and brought their two dogs to meet Dex for the first time.

It was so great to visit. {Dexter is getting bigger by the day, but he looked so tiny next to these full grown girls, Daisy and Java!}

Check back tomorrow for some more updates... Even though things are moving slowly, I DO have some updated craft room photos to share. :)

1 comment:

leanne said...

Those pictures are great! We had such a good time visiting you. We'll have to do it again. Have a happy week!