June 25, 2008

welcome to my craft room!

Upstairs, the room across from our bedroom is what I dearly call my craft room. My mission for today is organization--it might look clean, but don't let my mad-dash-wanna-post-about-this-cleaning skills fool you!

A small tour:

Above my sewing desk is my small library of knitting, sewing, and writing references. I love these shelves--they cost $20 for both at Home Depot, a reasonable amount for book space! My jar collection lines the top shelf. (Glass is such a multi-functional container, and cost-effective too--save those peach, pepper, and pickle jars.)

I just recently purchased this ironesque basket for display on my craft table. I saw the idea for something similar in a magazine, and I thought it was a fun way to display favorite stamps!

Now, here's my problem area. My closet. This is mainly what I will be sorting through today. (Raul helped me build this apple green shelf a couple of summers ago--we kept it in our tiny closet in the apartment, and somehow it held most everything that is in this room! A Mr. Cart is behind the other closet door, and holds extra supplies like tape, glue, etc.)

Now where's the yarn, you ask? In an old chest of drawers, next to my sewing desk. I'm trying to think of fun ways to display my knitting needles and notions... Jars, perhaps?

A few other fun photos... A bulletin board, where I post photos and favorite cards... A rug, kindly crocheted for me by my dear friend Jennie (see how perfectly it matches the paint? Thanks Jennie!)...

And of course, a reminder to live simply. This is above my bulletin board, & will be at the forefront of my mind as I purge and organize today. I'm sure to find some fun supplies to pass onto a friend or younger crafter.

Thanks for visiting. Off I go to clean...Live well, be well, friends!


leanne said...

Hi friend. Loved the little tour! I was looking at every little detail in the pics! Jennie made that rug? Wow! I love it. What a great space. It looks like a wonderful place to create.

Stephanie said...

Mindy, I just wanted to say thank you for the sweet comment you left me a while back. I meant to tell you that earlier but I forgot! :D I have heard so much about you from Leanne! She has nothing but sweet things to say, that's for sure! I also wanted to let you know that I LOVE your craft room! My dream is to have my own craft room when we build our house! :D I also want you to know that I "stole" your basket idea and bought one for my stamps too! It was such a perfect idea! I like your basket much better but mine works for now! Thanks so much for inspiring me! I love your blog!

Pam said...

Great shots and it is nice that you share your room with us..we want to see the end result now..I got some great ideas from you for storage etc....thank you thank you