May 16, 2012

cozy travel blankie.

We're planning a trip to NY soon, and I've been scouring blogs for advice for traveling with babies...  {Above: Liv and I made a good old fashioned countdown garland for our trip...we've been taking a loop off everyday.} This is the first time we've been on a plane as a family! Should be interesting. My girls tend to surprise me--they're more flexible than I tend to think they will be, and I'm hoping that's the case this time around too. Fingers crossed.

I've been talking with Liv about flying on an airplane--she loves to point them out in the sky if we're outside--and how fun it will be. I'm trying to keep things simple and pack light... but one thing that isn't light is Liv's faaaavorite blanket. It's huge, and blue, and warm--a classic no-sew flannel blanket, made by one of Raul's co-workers wives when Livvy was born. She doesn't carry it around with her during the day a la Linus, but if it's not in her bed when she sleeps, it's freakout time.  I've been kind of dreading her dragging this around with her on our trip as it could easily fill her seat by itself...

So I thought I'd make her a travel one. I'm trying to speed up the bonding process by talking about it, cuddling her with it when we read books, and of course, it's right by the blue one now when she sleeps. I'm thinking that as long as she has something to cuddle, she'll be good to go.

I found these instructions on how to make one of these blankets, and just made it significantly smaller. Mine is not nearly as neat and tidy as Barb's--but she's a grandma making this for her grandbabies, not a hurried mom who's looking for a quick and easy solution. ;) When I'm a grandma, I will love how just-so my projects will be I'm sure! Right now, it's a special feat if they're finished at all...

25" x 30" of fabric--I cut 5" long, 1" wide strips to tie together.
Liv picked out the fabric herself with just a wee help from me

Nat helped me out, keeping me in line with her green spoon...

20 x 25" finished size

Anyhoo, Liv's blanket turned out cute and snuggable, which little sis Natalie proved before we took it up to Liv:

So if Liv doesn't take to it, I have another little someone in line who just might. {OR, I can just use these pictures as proof it's a hot commodity... ;) I'm awful!}

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leanne said...

What a fun blanket. Can't wait to hear how it works:) I love those pictures of Natalie! Adorable.