May 18, 2012

baby boy burp cloths.

The cousin we're visiting in NY had a baby boy last Friday--his name is Lucas. He was a month early! We initially thought we may not be going due to the circumstances, but Lucas' mom says she really wants us to still come. So, we're excited to go and visit and be helpful to the new mama! I made her a few burp cloths with this cool orange fabric... R said it made him think of playing cards, and that made me like it all the more.

I made three burp cloths total, with two just being cotton, and one having terry cloth on one side.

Nice and thin, yet still absorbent! I stitched them inside-out, then pulled them through a small opening I left, and top-stitched all three so the fabric is extra snug.

I bundled them up with a little ribbon I made with scrap fabric... fun. This is something I'd definitely like to make again for any new moms-to-be on my radar. :)

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