May 14, 2012

tangy like grapefruit.

I bought this yarn a couple of weeks ago. After I stopped oogling it, I finally started to make something:

The start of a cowl, which I'm super excited about. I wanted to learn a new stitch, so I'm trying a chevron lace pattern, which you can find here.  The zig-zags are going to be vertical instead of horizontal, which bums me out a little... but since I didn't want to knit the cowl in the round, I'll be seaming the shortest sides together. Seemed easiest to me as I'm not following a pattern! And, if it's just not working as a cowl for whatever reason, I can easily keep it as a scarf & just add some fringe.

I've really been liking coral colors lately--this one is "grapefruit," which I'll admit is part of the reason why I chose it. It's like paint colors. The name just makes them seem better, right? That's how we ended up painting our old office a light baby blue... the hubs liked the name Ghost Ship. {I was glad when we re-painted it when Natalie was born. Now it's a light tan: Sesame.} :)

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leanne said...

I love this color! And that new stitch. Very pretty!