March 17, 2011

Project #2: Coat Closet


Slowly but surely, the organizing continues... This time I tackled our coat closet by the front door. Not horrendous, but certainly not great, either. One of my favorite parts of this before photo is the lovely kitty litter box, compliments of Costco, holding our winter gloves:

How classy. :) Believe it or not, most of the coats in this closet aren't mine--they're R's. I think we can pare it down, but I'll let him do that.

As with the linen closet, I took everything out {coats aside} and made a pile for what to keep, toss, and give to Goodwill. We typically store scarves, hats, gloves, shoes, coats, and purses in here, but I decided to move my purses to our bedroom closet, and may move my shoes too, but it's so convenient to have them at the ready. I'll probably just keep some flip flops and gym shoes here.


I found these cute wire baskets at Target awhile ago, and had them in another room; thought they'd be better utilized here. The basket on the far left holds umbrellas; the middle basket holds R's stuff, and the basket on the right holds mine. I'm still looking for ideas on how to store scarfs--they're too fun to just roll up and put away, but it works for now. :)

Now we have room for guest's shoes--not so much for their coats {yet}. But that's what the coat rack is for. :)

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leanne said...

way to tackle another project! looks great, friend.