March 8, 2011

first birthday.

We had Livi's party on Saturday, full of family, a few friends, smiley babies, balloons, cupcakes, and a happy new one-year-old.  Liv even took some of her first steps that day, in front of everyone as they cheered her on! {Well--technically, she had taken "first steps" prior, but she took something like 8 or 9 steps all by herself! I need to watch the birthday video to confirm.}

I made lotsa colorful cupcakes with little picks that said "hip hip" on one side, and "horray" on the other--I finally splurged a whole 6 bucks and bought the little alphabet stamp set from JoAnns to do so. I've been eyeing this set for awhile, and I was glad to finally have a specific purpose for it. :)

The paper I used for the picks is what I also used for her name banner, which will soon be hung in her room:

The "happy first birthday" was printed on regular ole cardstock {I chose the font I wanted and selected "outline" under the format tab so the cardstock color would show} and cut them out while watching movies or the news.

I love this picture with Nana, and R and Carlos smiling in the background. I wish I had taken soooo many more pictures that day--like, with a million o's kind of wish. Now of course, I have a running list of what I should've snapped. I didn't take nearly enough. Next time, I really think I will make a list!

Liv had TWO cupcakes during her birthday week. TWO! The girl likes her sweets. We tested the waters on her actual birthday, and there wasn't one iota of hesitation. When she saw one again on Saturday, she was ready to dig in. Well--dig in in Livi terms, which means taking her time, little bite by little bite, enjoying every second. I love it.


leanne said...

so sweet! what a fun day. And so cool that she decided to take a few steps:)

Kati's Keepsake said...

What a fun birthday! She is so sweet.

Julie said...

So precious! She looks happy in Nanas arms. Happy first Brithday Livvy! I want to see you walk next time I see you.

Phil and Danielle said...

Great pictures! I loved seeing your precious family. Thank you for sharing. Miss you!