January 1, 2010

happy new year!

Happy 2010! It's a new year: a fresh start, new goals, and new adventures. I hope you've had a nice holiday season. R and I spent some time writing today about this last year, and it's pretty amazing how much you forget over the course of 12 months... It's nice to conjure up the year and reflect on how the time was spent.

Questions I like to think about are, "How have I grown over the last year?" and "How am I different than I was from this time last year?" It might help to ask the hubby or friends these questions more than myself. I still have more thinking to do on this... May 2010 be a year of fruitfulness and healthy changes!

Now to totally switch gears, a list of favorites. Every year brings new ones...

Mindy's Favorites from 2009

1. Red. I really got into the color red last year. Orange too, actually. I've always been a purple girl, so this is kind of throwing me through a loop... but a fun one. Our Christmas gift this year to each other was a new camera (to take pictures of Little One), and when R asked me what color I'd like, I immediately said, "Red!"
2. Energel Deluxe Needletip pens, by Pentel. I'm a dork, I know. But a super-fine line, gel ink, AND clickable makes for a perfect trifecta of penmanship. Heart it bigtime.

3. Spellbound (1945). I finally bought this DVD last October, and I've already watched it 3 or 4 times (on top of the few times before that when I got it from the library). Stars Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman. This is the perfect flick for a snowy day with tomato soup and grilled cheese.

4. Bienenstich (translated Bee Sting in German), from the Rhinelander Bakery in Arvada, CO. This is the only pastry I have ever ordered from this bakery, aside from a cream horn or two... Bienenstich is pure heavenly bliss. It's comprised of two buttery cookies layers, thick cream, and topped with almonds and honey. I tried it earlier than 2009, but I am officially naming it a favorite as I had it before Christmas this year, and am pleased I did. :)

5. Maternity pants. The most comfortable pants in the world!

6. Ice water (or Canada Dry's Seltzer water in Raspberry).

7. Netflix's Streaming Disc. I think we watched Seasons 1-5 of The Office in two weeks...! I bet when the baby is born, she'll recognize the theme song. Yikes.

8. Pomegranates. So wonderful when they're on sale during the fall. I stocked up and would seed these guys so I could have a snack in the evenings. I also really love pomegranate seeds on salads--they look so pretty!

9. Frothy milk in coffee, chai, or steamers. I wrote about this earlier this year--yum.

10. Baby moving in utero. Hands down, the most favorite thing I've experienced this last year has been feeling our little girl move--it is the most surreal and comforting sensation. I can't believe she will be here in about two months!

What are some of your favorites from this last year?

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