January 27, 2010

in a pickle

So, I feel like if I purchase something in a cool container, it's a major bonus. I have the item, aaand now I have a new place to store something. Pickle jars may not be fabulous, but they are extremely useful... and you know how much I love useful things.

I'm glad my mom loves pickles, because she has been saving a plethora of jars for me for little one's room for awhile. You can bet I had bug eyes when she handed me a sack full of jars!

I am going to put these on a shelf in the baby's room and fill em' with cotton balls, q-tips, and whatever else baby needs... Maybe some fun things, too, like pins or pacifiers or hairbands. Do you get this excited over jars too, or am I just a little nutty...?

I bought some acrylic paint, which matches little one's bedding, and went to town on the lids, which took a couple of coats, but I think they turned out all right.


I swiped a couple of the jars painted with white lids for our own bathroom to hold odds and ends... R is pleased as everything now has a place. And what better place than a jar?


leanne said...

Cute! I thought maybe you ate all those pickles:) What fun colors and clever ideas. See you soon!

Phil and Danielle said...

Awesome idea! I love it. I am so going to copy... I mean be inspired by you and use this idea in our home and in my classroom. The paint is a great idea and I love the colors. Thanks for the inspiration!