March 31, 2009

sew simple. I mean, really.

Crafting has been slow to non-existent in my house this week. The sewing machine has been sitting quietly on the dining room table since last weekend...The craft room door has been closed to keep a certain nosy pup out of trouble, which keeps the messes behind the door perfectly preserved... :) (Out of sight, out of mind, right?) All is quiet in the M&R house craft-wise. 

Remember this fabric? 

I am super psyched to begin sewing with it, but I can't find the magazine (Sew Simple) that had the pattern in it! :/ I am completely irritated. I have combed through all areas of the house, my car, my parent's house... I hate that feeling of being positively sure you know where something is, and then it's not there. That awful sinking-in-your-tummy feeling. And then you feel like you're going crazy, because you were obviously wrong about where you put it, but can't remember where you actually put it. Exhausting, all of this remembering. I've been waiting three days for my aha! moment... you know, "oh YEAH, it's in the OTHER bookbag!".... and I'm still waiting.

So my search continues... and let me tell you, I am highly motivated to begin spring cleaning and finding a place for everything, and KEEPING everything in its place when it's not in use. It would just make life sew.much.simpler. 

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