March 26, 2009

careful what you wish for

I guess winter was teasing me all along.

And it's STILL snowing! I left work early today (took me two hours to get home!) and was glad to leave when I did... the roads, zey were treach-erous (in Cloris Leachman voice). R got out from work early as well, so when we both got home, we + Dex ran outside and shovelled the driveway and walkway, and smacked the heavy snow off of some branches. Dex had the most fun, I think. Some of the snow was as high as he is tall!

Now, I'm working in our office, poppin' a few jelly beans, sipping tea, and watching the snow fall outside. It's so pretty. (Dex is here too, and keeps trying to catch my fingers, his nose pressing the shift key to make my letters FuNKy :) Our neighbors behind us have a few birdhouses, and the birds are having a hay day in the snow, too--I guess every one wants to go out and play when it snows.

How could you not?

That white stuff is soo much better than ice cubes, mom...seriously.

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