March 20, 2009

so fresh and so green

I can't believe it's the first day of Spring. Yes, the weather has been beautiful, and the grass is growing in, and flowers are popping their heads up, but I just can't believe it. For the last couple weeks I've been a little ba-humbug because I didn't think I was ready for spring... I wanted snow and gray, book-reading, movie-watching, tea-sipping days. I felt, and still feel, somewhat jipped outta winter this year.

Then I bought a cute seed-starting kit at Lowes, grabbing it in ba-humbug fashion and mumbling to myself, "...might as well get started, I'm so behind, I haven't even given seeds a thought, murmurmurmur..." I see the kit every time I get in and out of my car in the garage, and I can finally feel that familiar spring smile that only comes when contemplating planting seeds. I am finally excited to move onto another season. 

This time of year, I am always drawn to light green + white combos when it comes to decor... It feels so European and countryish and breezy. Good stuff. I'd like to sew some pillow covers for our living room to brighten it up... Something like this, maybe? (Photos from Pottery Barn)

I also like how fresh and airy PB's bedroom photos always are, like the one above and this one. What a fun green headboard:

Do you have spring decor? Any plans to brighten up your space? Do tell...


leanne said...

I'm with ya on being jipped this winter. I was just telling Ryan on our walk yesterday that we had a really lame winter. I am so not impressed! I was hoping for a few there's-no-way-we're-going-anywhere-blizzards! Oh well... I do love spring too. Oh, and I love that green and white combo.

leanne said...

I forgot to mention that your april calendar was inspired by this post:) Thanks for a fun-filled 2 days friend!