February 5, 2009

whatta steal.

I love Amy Butler fabric, so I was stoked when I found this little supply bag at Michaels on clearance. I gasped when I saw it, and gasped again when I realized it was $5! 

I love Amy's Midwest-Modern style and how colorful and vintagey her prints are. Here are a few more swatches to whet the fabric appetite...(I think the Dancing Mums are my favorite of this bunch.) Check out her website if you have a few minutes and want some color overload.

1 comment:

tess said...

this makes me gasp because i have this one!!! and in this color! sadly, i don't think i got it on sale. do you always use for knitting stuff? perhaps i should try that. at the moment, i have it stuffed to the gills with unused notebooks.