February 2, 2009

extra, extra

While organizing our closet this weekend, I weeded through quite a bit that I don't wear anymore, but couldn't bring myself to give these away. I think I could re-purpose them into something else--a purse perhaps? Or something like that... Any ideas/links to patterns?

Alison, from Blue Blog, has actually pulled yarn out of old sweaters and knit them with a new pattern... incredible. I can't say I'm that eager or able at this point, so I think I'd like to keep the sweaters as they are!

And then I have this odd polyester tank, with a funky pattern...The sparkles were hard to photograph. What on earth can I do with this?

1 comment:

tess said...

i like the skirt--do you not like to wear it? i think it would be a cute bag. plus bags are so useful. ps here is a link about making old sweaters into scarves. http://uniform-studio.com/journal/?p=786
i guess it's featured in ready made--but i can never find that magazine in stores. : ( but i think it's one of those things that you adapt to whatever recycled items you have on hand. : )