February 25, 2009

instant oatmeal

For the last month, I've had oatmeal almost every morning...which is somewhat unheard of as I only began liking it last month. It's nothing against oats--I've always liked granola, and oatmeal cookies. It's usually the consistency of oatmeal I can't stand: too goopy. So I began making it as I like it. (I like it very thick, unusually so!)

I started out eating the instant oatmeal packets--the first I tried was something like Date and Walnut, which I barely took one bite of. Meh. Next, I tried cinnamon, which I really liked... But it was so salty! I bought Quaker Oats' Weight Control Cinnamon--which has more fiber, and less salt and sugar--and the taste was better, but not stellar. I ate this for a couple weeks.

Now I'm at the point where I make my own instant oatmeal to take to work with me, and I love it. It's fast, made with 100% oats and natural ingredients, and without any salt. It might even be more cost effective than purchasing pre-made instant... I haven't done the math. :)

Instant Oatmeal

3/4 to 1 cup Quaker Oat 1-Minute oatmeal
1-2 spoonfuls brown sugar
1-2 teaspoons high quality cinnamon
Plastic baggie
Anything else you want to add! Dried cranberries, nuts, spices, etc.

Add oats, brown sugar, and cinnamon in baggie; I like to make enough bags for the week so I can just grab and go in the morning. Pour contents into bowl and add hot water. Stir and enjoy!

Now, if you want some fun, fancy, eye-candy oatmeal recipes, click here.


leanne said...

Hiya Minnz....lovin' your oats! I used to do this a lot last year when I would eat breakfast at school after my morning workout. It also works well if you put each serving in a little tupperware container...instant bowl when you get to work and no trash! You're making me hungry:)

Mindy said...

Great idea, durr. I did so this morning--used tupperware. I keep a bowl at work (for soup, or oatmeal), but bringing it IN a bowl is even more helpful. How did the empanadas turn out?