July 29, 2008


Remember those jars I purchased back in June? Well, I finally found the perfect use for them.

Candy and buttons! Doesn't every crafter need a sweet supply while she's working? I think so. 

One of my all-time, hands-down favorite candies is the Atomic Fireball. Once you get through all the fiery layers, you're rewarded with that sugary center. Mm-mm. I love cinammon. And these last for.ev.er. Perfect crafting candy.

...Now I just need to get to crafting.


leanne said...

yup, I'm still loving those jars. The buttons and candy are a nice touch too:)

ps--I hated that movie 'where art thou oh brother' (or whatever it's called) I kept falling asleep and waking up and I never really {got} it. What did you think? :)

leanne said...

Hello again:) Thanks for the super fun summer package I got in the mail! It totally rocked and made my day. You should check out my blog...