July 22, 2008

random thoughts today.

My, how quickly things can change.

Thank goodness for doors--easy to close. I am making some progress, however...At least in small ways.

Plastic baggies are probably one of my favorite inventions, especially when it comes to holding stamps, projects, or even pizza (as LeanneAllNatural can attest to!). I had fun re-housing some very old foam stamps, and using leftover address labels. These particular stamps are so cute and friendly, I'm glad they are now in a more accessible/pleasing-to-the-eye pouch.

I used clear envelopes for my Christmas cards last year, and have quite a few left over. I thought they would make a perfect home for some stickers and large die cut letters. {They kinda look like new, don't they? Love that.}

Clear envelopes should be available for purchase at any stationery store, although sometimes they're tricky to find... In Denver, I've seen them at Xpedx and Donahues Paper Emporium, and they go for about $5/100. They seem to last for.ev.er.

In other news, a woman at my Bible study is kindly letting me borrow Denyse Schmidt's Quilts book. Isn't that a tasty cover? Quilts are pretty intimidating to me, but it sure seems like something every crafter should try at least once, right? Have you used this book/made any of Denyse's quilts?

So that's where I'm at today. Brain everywhere. Trying to clean up my mess and ponder future fall projects. Hopefully I will have an update on The Bag before long...

Be well!

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