June 10, 2008

bargains and lists

You know how I a.dore jars and containers... I loved the large bubble-knob on the left one, and the tapering of the neck on the right one. How is it possible to be so thrilled by something so simple and basic?

Oh yeah. Because it only cost me 75 cents. I'm hoping to use these for buttons, ribbon, maybe a candy jar... Something colorful and tempting. Maybe I can put some of my old paper scraps in them and will actually be enticed to use them... that'll be the day. :) Scraps are a good thing, but they never cease!

Okay, that was the bargain, now for the list: Small, practical ways to decrease stress day-to-day. I found this on Real Simple's website.


Keep stamps in the house.

Keep extra cash in the house.

Have a good book to read.

Bring a hat and umbrella.

Don't wear tight pants or uncomfortable shoes.

Don't let yourself get too hungry.

Make a list.

Always keep your passport in the same place.

Always put your keys away in the same place--and keep an extra set of keys.

Keep a Band-Aid and a small bottle of pain reliever in your purse.

Make your bed.

Never let your car's gas level fall into the "empty" zone.

Have at least one friend who lives in your neighborhood.

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual.

Get up 20 minutes earlier than usual.

Laugh at yourself.


tess said...

where did you find the jars?!!!!(don't recognize the pirce tags...) as for the list--i like it all. although, i might amend the "get up 20 minutes earlier," with "get up 20 minutes later." surely i'll be less stressed about being late when i'm more rested, right?...right?

tess said...

and by pirce tags, i mean price tags. i'm allowed one spelling error when i'm off-the-clock.

leanne said...

yes, where DID you find those jars? They are too fun and so like you!

Mindy said...

Some neighbors of ours were having a garage sale. So that's where I picked these up... The woman was like, "I used this one for beans in the kitchen.." I was like, beans?? Boring ole beans?? I hope you mean JELLY beans! ;) Another neighborhood nearby is having a garage sale this weekend, and we're keeping our eyes out for patio furniture....c'mon deals...