June 12, 2008

my little corner of the world

Here's a quick glance at my first-ever garden. {I feel myself saying "garden" tentatively, because I don't think I will feel like it's REALLY a garden until I see that it's growing and actually producing veggies!}

So here is the southern part of our house, where we have a raised bed with pumpkin, zucchini, and summer squash, with marigolds inbetween. To the right we have our big mama lavender plant, beneath the water spout, and in front of that we have three dianthus plants (a carnation-like flower), and nina lavender plants, near the cement step.

I also planted three tomato plants--from left to right: Yellow Pear, Big Boy, and Golden Jubilee. The third is quite small, but I guess I'm hoping that it will bloom and burst with tomatoes as the other two are winding down for the season. The soil here was less than ideal; I tried to compensate by adding lots of compost and mulching. My fingers are crossed for these guys!

I really enjoy reading about plants and gardening, and I found an interesting blog yesterday that I look forward to visiting regularly... Leez, this is what your garden is going to look like someday. :) Click here to check it out.

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