May 5, 2008

an update

Long time no see! Thanks for stopping by, and please excuse the lack of posts lately--my brother and his family came to visit us early last week, and after that Raul and I enjoyed a couple of days in Glenwood Springs. It was my first time visiting the hot springs--too fun! Between hiking, frisbee golfing, and vegging in the pools, it was a vacation well spent. {Hanging Lake below--gorgeous!}


Julie P. said...

Yes it is gorgeous...hanging lake.
Looks like a fun and romantic anniversary vacation!

leanne said...

Great pic! I love hanging lake!!! I love everything about Glenwood actually...I guess I shouldn't be too jealous since we just went to bv:) I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!

tess said...

i've never been to glenwood springs but this picture certainly looks enticing. a lady i used to work with at the library has a springer spaniel called, woody--shortened for glenwood.

leanne said...

ps--I tagged you over at my blog!