December 10, 2011

christmas cookies.

Ah, the first gingerbread of the season. Usually I'll make gingerbread in the fall--I'll make BIG pumpkin cookies and ice them up all pretty and enjoy them with tea {or gift away!}--but no such thing this year.  So it had to wait until a couple of days ago, when Liv helped me put a batch together:

She loves pouring the dry ingredients into the bowl after we've measured them. Or, not so much into the bowl, in this case. :) 

My friend Susan came over for some lunch and to help us decorate the cookies, which was great. Once Liv discovered she could eat the icing, her little finger was constantly covered in it.  She liked decorating the cookies, but enjoyed eating them more!

We haven't quite figured out what our holiday traditions will be yet as a family, but it's fun to think about. Some things on my radar:

Christmas jammies
Hot cocoa
Driving/walking around to see lights
Christmas cookies
Homemade marshmallows
Garlands for their rooms
Advent calendar

I didn't get to an advent calendar this year, but by next, both will be a little older and a little more excited about Christmasy-things, so it's all good. 

A cute quote I found this afternoon:

"Bless us Lord,
this Christmas,
with quietness of mind;
Teach us to be patient,
and always to be kind."

- Helen Steiner Rice



leanne said...

Awww, what great pictures! I love that Liv is such a great helper! I also love all your family tradition ideas! Garlands for their rooms would be so fun. I think we need to get together (like in the summer!) and make advent calendars for next year:)

Phil and Danielle said...

Love the hair!

Julie said...

Fun to make a mess with your kids in the kitchen:)