November 29, 2011

gearing up.

We had a nice Thanksgiving last week--I hope you did too, and that you are also recovering from mundo-amounts of turkey! R de-boned our turkey before we cooked it, which was awesome (and a lot less daunting than it sounds, which was a nice surprise). After all of the wonderful meals delivered to us since Natalie was born, I actually felt up to making a few dishes for T-giving. Why don't I make stuffing more than once a year?

This month has flown by us; R and I are kind of stunned it's the first of December this week. {Natalie will be 1 month old on Friday already!} I'm hoping for some snowy weather soon so I can spend this season snuggling with my girls inside, doing festive wintery things, tbd. I'm really excited for us to come up with our own family traditions for this time of year. We are currently thinking up a very fun one for Thanksgiving, which will hopefully come to pass next year... :)

I've been giving some thought to goals for 2012... I've been thinking on it for some time, and have enjoyed the brewing process before January arrives. As with most things I need to mull it over for awhile before it becomes a reality. I typically will sit down by New Year's Eve and type up these reflections, but I think I'd like to do this in a different format. I never look back on these docs on the computer! Might be fun to put them into a little book somehow... hmmm...

The older I get, the more precious this time of year becomes, especially now with kiddos in tow. I will be sad to see November go; it has been a special month for us! Onto December and a new year!

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