November 16, 2011

my little natalie.

Natalie Beatriz arrived on Wednesday, November 2. She weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz, and was 20 in. long. I am loving having two little girls at home--my little women. :)

So, I had a feeling baby would be a little early, but I didn't think she would time things almost identically to her sister. I began having contractions around 1:30AM--the same time as when I went into labor with Olivia, and exactly 20 months later. (Olivia's birthday is March 2.) We drove to the hospital at 3am during a snowstorm--along with 14 other couples who delivered around the same time!! You don't know how much I heard about barometric pressure that day... :) After 15 hours, Natalie came into this world!  The joy and relief of seeing her little face those seconds after she was born is something I will never forget. She looked so much like Olivia, I couldn't believe it.

Natalie: Nov. 2, 2011
Olivia: March 2, 2010

Liv has definitely been adjusting to having a little sis around, and is doing great.  She's been getting to know Natalie on her own terms--either she is all about her, wanting to help and give her little hugs and pats on the head, or she is happy doing her own thing and does not want to give her hugs or anything of the sort, and will say a curt "no." if you ask. I appreciate her honesty! She did help me give her a bottle today, and it was precious to see her face light up when I asked if she wanted to feed the baby.  I'm proud of her for taking things so well!

We are tired, but friends and family are taking good care of us--thank you, especially to those who have been feeding us! There's not much that beats a home-cooked meal (or pumpkin bread, yum) when you're exhausted and can't think straight.

I was telling R the other night that I feel my heart expanding every day that I spend with these girlies.  Growing as I get to know my little Natalie, and growing as I see my oldest adjust to a new little sis and love her, too.  Things are different, but in a most wonderful way.


leanne said...

So cute! I love the one of her sleeping with daddy. And Liv grabbing her little toes. I'm glad you are adjusting and enjoying your little women:)

Julie said...

Sooo, cute. Just now getting to catch up on your blog.