November 18, 2011


R and I first began talking about expanding our family on our 4th anniversary, on a snowy night, at a restaurant on 32nd Street. It's one of my favorite memories of R and I. I went out shortly after to B&N to look for the perfect journal to begin chronicling the journey to babyhood... and found this little number. I loved the birds, the burlap, and the blue--it seemed like a nice neutral book. And I liked the idea of growing our little nest when I looked at this book.

The first few entries were mostly about how I was trying to get healthier, and my thoughts on pregnancy... By June, we were expecting, and I was so happy I had a place to write down what I was thinking and feeling.

I also tried to include little mementos, like this grocery list.

"PTest" was of course, a pregnancy test--the very one we found out about Liv with. :) Now I'll always remember we made enchiladas that night for dinner, haha.

When we began talking about baby #2, I naturally went back to the bookstore and chose another book--red and turquoise this time.  My hope is that both my girls will see how treasured they are, and have been, before I even knew they were being knit together! I want them to know what was going on in our lives then, and also how I responded to pregnancy--a nice reference guide for when they have their own little ones someday. {Liv's book was an awesome reference for me to compare my second one to--I forgot more than I thought I would, and each were so different.}

More memorabilia... Most friends guessed we were going to have a boy the second time around...

So, I filled up every page in Olivia's book on Nov. 1, the night before little Natalie was born. All 20 months of our time alone together. Funny how that worked out... It meant a lot to me as it was very much symoblic of a new chapter starting in our lives! I need to get another book for her, but am trying to also focus on filling up Natalie's book.

I write all of this to say--I don't know how many things we'll pass down through the years and to future generations, but there is something sacred about letters and journals and handwriting and paper memories pasted in a simple book. Even if the girls aren't as gaga over this stuff as I am, they'll know I was uber gaga over them, and that's what matters.


Phil and Danielle said...

I love your idea of having a book for each of your girls! What a great way to remember everything that happened. I feel blessed being able to watch your family grow... even if its from far away! Have a blessed week! :)

Julie said...

Good for you... journaling so faithfully. It has been a challenge for me and still have lots of room in each of my kids books. You can also show them your blogging, and that is a blessing. word verification work for this post is 'pregma'. it fits.