June 21, 2011

on washing dogs.

It's a lot tougher to wash a dog when you're 5 months preggo, but it had to be done--Dex reeeeked. He enjoyed a morning romping around the dog park with pal Rogue this morning, and even went swimming.  Good ole dog days of summer...

Hangin' outside to dry... Look at how gray he is already! And he just turned 3! I'm pretty sure most of that is Olivia-induced, even though she's pretty gentle with him and vice versa... Liv can say "Dexter" clearly now, and will even say "gentle" or "good boy" when she pets him. I'm sure the grayness is sure to get worse when baby #2 comes along.

Speaking of which, we find out next Wednesday if we're having a boy or a girl... we can't wait...!

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